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The perfect little sweet treat!

Now you might have been under the impression that lollipops were just for children, but these might just change your mind. Infact you might find your children hiding them from you! 


Our chocolate lollipops are all handmade with the the finest,  professional chocolatier high quality chocolate (Vahlrona, if you are interested). The decoration is part of the lollipop, and it is edible - made from coloured cocoa butter! We have a variety of styles to suit your needs, and often feature seasonal limited edition versions- which if you are a regular visitor you'll find are expanding to reflect how popular these are!


The perfect little gift for those opportunities to share a little bit of love, or as an add on to go with another gift. Most of the styles are in milk chocolate, as we find those to be most popular, but you'll see dark chocolate options too. And with an option to be tied with either a black or pink ribbon they can be the perfect chocolatey treat for any of those chocolate lovers in your life! 

Bag of 4 chocolate lollies - Happy Birthday

Milk chocolate

Bag of 4 chocolate lollipops


  • Delivery limited to TS, SR, NE, DL and DH postcodes.1

Additional designs are available - in milk or dark chocolate. Please contact us for more information