Frequently asked questions

We hope that the information here answers some of the questions which you may have about macaroons, and our macaroons specifically. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us using the contact sheet below - we LOVE talking to you about anything to do with macaroons!

What are macaroons, are they the same as macarons?

Our macaroons are French macaroons, referred to in France as ‘macaron’. They are a ground almond and meringue biscuit with a favoured filling. We are not offering English macaroons, which are made with coconut. FYI most countries have some sort of ground nut based biscuit, many of them have a name similar to macaroon/macaron. We don’t mind what you call them!

are all macaroons the same?

No. You will find great variation in the texture, size, shape, quality and taste of French macaroons. Good macaroons take a high level of skill to make consistently. Ours are all handmade and a particularly fine example (taste them, you’ll see!). Ours are also a bit bigger and a bit rounder than many you’ll find outside of France. We also use a flavoured chocolate ganache filling in ours, instead of the more common flavoured buttercream. Working with ganache again takes an additional level of skill, however you are rewarded with a less sweet flavour, no fatty residue left in your mouth and (in our opinion) a superior taste experience!

how much are they?

Our boxes of macaroons currently come in boxes of 6 (for £7) or 12 (for £12.50). We currently deliver within DH, SR, TS and NE postcodes for a fee of £4.50. You can order online here. UK wide delivery will be available soon, to find out when it arrives please sign up to our email list, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Towers come as larger towers of 5- 10 tiers. When selecting from our standard range of macaroons, they currently range from £65 for a 5 tier tower (approx. 50 macaroons) to £230 for a 10 tier tower (approx 170 macaroons). For full details click here. Mini towers of only 4 tiers (approx 33 macaroons) are available to order online for £55.


We charge a £30 fee for the stand, which is refundable if the stand is returned to us within 7 days of the wedding. Additional delivery may be charged.  

can i order macaroons for my party without a "tower"

Yes of course, larger orders of macaroons can be placed for either collection or delivery. We typically charge £1/macaroon, although for larger offers a discount may be available.