What is a macaroon?

Macaroon or macaron, honestly we don't mind what you call them! 


Many countries have a nut and egg white based sweet treat known as a word similar to macaroon. The traditional British version you might have enjoyed is made from coconut and/or almond. However, to be clear, we are referring to French macaroons (known in France as les macarons): Beautiful, colourful, delicious little sweet treats. Is there anything not to like?!

Never had macaroons before? Then you are in for a treat! People ask are they a biscuit, are they a cake? Macaroons are almost a special category all of their own. A chewy shell of piped ground almonds and meringue with a delicious flavoured filling.



What makes our macaroons special?

Macaroons are becoming more and more popular in the UK - in cafes, hotels, online and even in the supermarkets. Try them when you find them and you'll discover that there is a wide range in texture and flavour, however they are typically small, round, flattened on top with a flavoured butter-cream finish. 


Usually my favourite moment during a show or event is to give one of our macaroons to someone who 'doesn't like them'. We get lots of converts and it makes our day, EVERY SINGLE TIME! 


Ours are more like those which you would find in your local, good quality patisserie in France. All handmade and hand-piped, they are usually bigger, both in diameter and height. The shells are more 'bouncy' and rounded, you'll get the odd little dimple or irregularity and they have a lovely chewy texture, bold colours and usually some sort of decor. 

The most common macaroon filling is a flavoured buttercream. For ours, we use a flavoured chocolate ganache. They are less sweet than a buttercream, don't leave fatty residue in your mouth and allow Andy (a chocolatier) to be more creative with the flavours.



However, as they say the proof is in the pudding so the best way to see what you think, is to taste them for yourself!

How to get a hold of our macaroons!

We've tempted you, so now of course you need to know how to get some for yourself, or that lucky macaroon maniac loved one. 


Whilst our patisserie skill and experience is extensive, Proper Patisserie as a business is still young. We are looking for the right place to open our first shop, and we are working hard on designing packaging which will enable us to deliver our macaroons to you wherever you are in the UK. Macaroons are fragile, and until we are confident that we can get them to you by post safe and sound then we'll be sticking to local delivery. So hang in there non-North East peeps, at the moment we are hoping for a 2019 UK wide launch - not too long now!!


In the meantime, if you are in a DH, NE, SR or TS post-code then get in touch and we'll personally bring them out to you (read on below...) 

Home delivery

We would LOVE to bring some to you! There are a few things you need to know:

  • WHERE? For our gift boxes, we can deliver to DH, NE, SR and TS post-codes.
  • NO-ONE HOME? It's essential that when you place your order that you confirm where we can leave your macaroons if there is no-one home.
  • WHEN? Bear in mind that our macaroons are best eaten within 3-4 days of delivery. If you need them for a specific day its always best to contact us directly and together we'll make a cunning plan
  • WHAT? We offer them to you as a box of 6 or 12, either as a one-off or a regular subscription service. For larger amounts and macaroon towers see our 'special occasions' section.
  • WHO? Please remember that all of our macaroons contain nuts (at least almonds) and egg white, and most contain milk (in the chocolate fillings). For more information about our ingredients and allergens please don't hesitate to ask!

What flavours can i order?

When you order online, we'll assume that you'd like a selection of our most popular flavours. However, we are very happy to put together a box with your choice of flavours. Simply include your choices in our notes section, or contact directly about your order using the sheet below, or via email to

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

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