Macaroon tower

Yes we may be a bit biased, but think carefully, is there anything more beautiful, elegant or simply attention grabbing than a macaroon tower?

If you're having a special occasion and are looking for a focal point that is showstopping, easy to eat and delicious then consider a macaroon tower. They are beautiful to look at, very portable for your guests and completely scrumptious!


On this page you're going to find lots of pictures which show the versatility and a few examples of what can be achieved. Most are 'snaps' of real life towers our customers have shared with us, or images that we've taken after we've finished setting up, so if you're a professional photographer please be kind - we're going for authenticity rather than magazine glamour!

You'll also find a list of frequently asked questions and our answers, then finally you'll get to a contact form and options for finding out more and taking the next step. If you'd prefer to simply speak to us now about your needs and find out more then call 0191 5436307 or use our contact form


photo inspiration!


how big is a tower?

Our towers range from 5-7 tiers. Below you'll find a breakdown of the approximate number or macaroons held by each size and the typical cost when using macaroons from our standard range.

·         10 tiers (approx. 170 macaroons) - £230

·         9 tiers (approx. 140 macaroons) - £190

·         8 tiers (approx. 115 macaroons) - £150

·         7 tiers (approx. 90 macaroons) - £120

·         6 tiers (approx. 70 macaroons) - £95

·         5 tiers (approx. 50 macaroons) - £65

***Please note, we can provide a mini-tower which holds approx 33 macaroons and is made up of 4 tiers.  This can be ordered from the 'Shop Here' section of the website, costs £55 and includes a reusable stand which you can keep.


are there any additional costs

Yes, we charge a £30 stand hire fee. This is refundable if returned within 7 days of delivery. Also, depending on the location and time the tower is needed we may charge a delivery fee.

Can i choose the flavours?


Of course! Flavours are personal, we wouldn’t dream of restricting your choice. We typically have a standard range of 19 macaroons, with a monthly limited edition macaroon flavour which are available to taste at any time. We have other recipe’s to draw from on request and for an additional fee can even create your very own bespoke flavour to suit your theme or favourite flavours!

can i choose the colours?

We design our standard range to offer a variety of colour options, usually customers can find a combination which works with their theme. However, for a fee of £16 per colour we can make shells to match. The darker the colour the more difficult this is (and the more food colouring required which can bring up other issues), however spraying shells with edible colour or adding coloured decoration are some options for creating something bespoke to your taste and theme ideas we would quote this on a case by case basis. We love a challenge!

i've seen some macaroons i like on instagram, can you make those?

Perhaps, Andy has a wide skill set to draw upon so he’s rarely defeated by a patisserie challenge! The best thing to do if you have something very particular in mind is to share your idea or picture with us and we can discuss this further for you. There is a minimum additional charge of £0.60 per macaroon for bespoke designs, we will do everything we can work with you to create something which suits your budget and needs.

I'm interested, What's the NExt Step?


If you're considering a macaroon tower for your next special event then the best thing to do is get in touch. Either pick up the phone and call us on 0191 543 6307,  use the contact sheet right here, or message/whatsapp Lynsey personally on 07545235442 or via social media.


Let us know how many guests you are catering for and anything that you had in mind and we will get back in touch with you to find out more and suggest some ideas.


Once we've had a chat, we'll get to the good bit - arrange for you to taste some samples, and then we'll go from there. What are you waiting for? 

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