cake to share :)




We are extremely passionate about the power of fantastic food to bring people together! 



And it works both ways:


Having something delicious to share is a fantastic reason to invite someone over....


.... having invited someone over is a fantastic reason to buy some delicious cake to share.

making memories with food


 Enjoying an incredible cake together is more than just 'eating cake together'. It's a shared experience which strengthens a bond. It's a celebration of time together. It's a way to build memories and shape relationships. When you add food into a moment of time it has the power to enhance the moment and sharpen the memory in almost the same way that salt is used as a seasoning because it brings out the flavours of a meal. When done well it adds specific sensations of taste, texture, smell, sight and even texture to a memory. Experiencing that taste or smell in the future has the power to transport us back into that memory of a moment or person.


You know what we mean.


  And so with that in mind, why would you want to miss the opportunity, or even taint those memories with substandard, or unmemorable cake. 

cake worth remembering

And the truth is that whilst we can of course offer you 'fancy', cake doesn't have to be fancy to be memorable. It just has to be good. 

A good recipe. High quality ingredients. A skilled chef. 


And that's why we offer you not only our signature chocolate cake, not only our limited edition patisserie options, but also that rightful firm favourite chocolate brownie and Rocky Road. 


Why not make that coffee with your best friend, favourite Aunty or your fantastic mam memorable because you spent the time sat around your kitchen table, exchanging news with a pot of tea and the best brownie that you ever tasted :)

Give me cake now!

Below you'll find a selection of the cakes we current having available.


We'll ALWAYS have our classic brownie, Rocky Road and signature chocolate cake available.


However, you'll also want to check out our limited edition cakes. We'll offer something new regularly; depending on the season, demand and to be completely honest whatever takes Andy's fancy to make and tempt you!


The BEST way to stay up to date is to join our weekly email list and follow our social media accounts, however if there's something in particular you fancy and you can give us a bit of notice please do let us know and we will do our best to grant your cake wish!


To order, contact Lynsey on 07545235442 or, or simply fill in the enquiry form below. Our normal delivery area is North East area, with NE, DH, SR and TS postcodes. 

chocolate cake!

Imagine how many chocolate cake recipes a Pastry Chef will experiment over more than 15 years? This is Andy's favourite one. And it is INCREDIBLE!


Yes, it's the same sort of cake we use in our wedding cakes.

It seemed cruel to limit to a once in a life-time experience so we offer them in a smaller cake for any of those times that you just want a fantastic chocolate cake!


3 layers of chocolate sponge between 3 layers of chocolate cream (he squeezes one in on top of the cake in case you were wondering about the maths), all covered with an incredible covering of our own special smooth, melt in your mouth cross between chocolate ganache and frosting.


Prices start from £35 for a 7 inch (12 portion cake). 


We tend to have the 12 portion cake with a dark chocolate covering in stock (our favourite and most popular combination), for larger versions or those with the white chocolate frosting we will require notice. 

rocky road


Not to be missed! A rich, decadent and substantial treat. You've probably enjoyed milk chocolate Rocky Road before, but have you tried white chocolate or dark chocolate with honeycomb? Here is your opportunity, you won't be disappointed.


Chunks of solid Belgian chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit tossed and set into a slice with a rich, delicious chocolate, butter and syrup mixture! 


£1.80/portion, or 3 for £5


3 flavours:

                                                                  Milk chocolate

                                                                White chocolate

                                                   Dark chocolate & honeycomb


Bespoke recipes will be considered - so if there's an exciting combination you'd like for a special person or occasion don't be shy in asking! 

chocolate brownie

Moist, chewy chocolate brownie
Covered with our very own delicious salt caramel

Typically topped with crunchy salt caramel balls, however we can pretty much top it with whatever you like - marshmallow, strawberry balls, gold wafer, fudge pieces, or more caramel!


Made with Belgium chocolate, NOT cocoa powder
Made with butter, NOT margarine

Sold in generous individual portions from £1.80 each, or as a whole tray (16 portions, cuts into 64 bite-sized pieces) from £25


Limited edition cakes



Honey sponge, with caramel, walnut and banana mousse. Decorated with a striking yellow and brown glaze.


£2.50/portion - Available in pre-cut individual portions, or as a larger cake to be cut at home.


Millionaires Slice

A delicious twist on the classic caramel shortcake: Shortcake crumble, layered with chocolate mousse and caramel cream. Sprinkled with fudge pieces and crumble.


£2.50/portion - Available in pre-cut individual portions, or as a larger cake to be cut at home.

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If you'd prefer to talk by phone then simply call Lynsey on 07545235442, it's quite possible that she won't be able to pick up immediately, so please, please leave a voicemail and she'll be very happy to get back in touch as quickly as possible to find out more about how we can help!

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